Art Galaxis Business Proposal

This document is intended as an investment proposal to finance, develop and built a high-end luxury yacht (‘ART GALAXIS’). Following, the project will be briefly outlined, the targeted market of the product identified, the yachts market and its revenue potential analysed. The document will also explore the success factors of the project and includes a strategic analysis.


The ardent and experienced yachtsman Ferdinand Stock lived several years on a Sunbeam 53 sailing yacht. The obstacles he had to overcome were first of all storms and the high waves in bays as well as on open sea. The artist and inventor wants to solve theses problems with a completely novel concept: He combines a downstream object with a UFO-like object above water surface.
Two floaters, which can dive like a submarine, are connected to a flatiened globe with tubes. With tackles like they are used in big cranes the distance between floaters and habitat can be adjusted at will. To avoid the highest waves the habitat can be placed up to 14 m (46 ft) above the floaters which can dive underneath the water movements. According to the total mass of the object, the connecting tubes only give little contact surface to the waves. Futher the floaters can be grounded which makes it much easier to lie near costs and bays. Depending on weather conditions or type of implementation the object can lie on the water or hover high above.
And: with the sails under the habitat it is a motoryacht that sails, taking the best wind above the water surface. Applications are multiple: as a home,
office, restaurant, bar, fitness-studio, gallery, as a colossal billboard,…
Additionaly ART GALAXIS can provide living space on water which covers 75% of the planets surface.

Sourcing and Fulfillment

All components of ART GALAXIS are state of the art. All prefabricated parts and technical equipment are manufactured in Central and Western Europe and transported to the shipyard facility. Only programming the software for autoleveling the habitat sphere is new as well as the interaction of all parts for our specific use.


ART GALAXIS has three significant parts: the floaters, the „legs“ and the habitat sphere.

The floaters shelter the drive propulsion system. The ship is powered with two jet turbines, an electric pump blows water to the turbines.
24 m (78 ft) long, 3 m (10 ft) high. The floaters are sinkable down to 7 m (23 ft) below water surface.

Standing Tubes (the „legs“)
6 standing tubes are continuously adjustable from sea level up to 14 m (46 ft). Powered with an electric motor which is controlled by a autoleveling system that keeps the habitat sphere permanently horizontal.

Habitat Sphere
The habitat is a circular steel constructuion, its round shape grants maximum stability. The habitat‘s surface is manufactured out of glass, carbon and GRP.

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